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our latest mixshows , now even better, truehouse quality

even if travelling is difficult these times, we have the soundtrack for your summer trip, wherever you go.  the latest and finest vocal-house vibes for this special time of the year. pack your bag, load your player, u will always remember
if sara waves the flag you are ready to liftoff. this time with lots of the latest funky- jazzy- and vocal-house tunes.  for this special mixshow we have made some of the very rare and hard to find c&m original mashup bootlegs, epic vocals in a brand new dress...
in times when all roads are empty , we have a brand new mixshow for you , to make you feel better, filled up with uplifting Vocal- and Funky-House Music. We are sure you will get over this period with a smile and keep on dancin' and keep on thinking positive.
do you wanna get lifted ? if your soul has to get lifted, listen to the lyrics, cause there are plenty of them in this mixshow. if your body needs to be uplifted, feel the riddem, cause there is a lot of groove in here. the latest and the freshest vocal- and funky-house is just one click away...
if you follow us on mixcloud you maybe heard about the coffee + milk series. if not, this is a handpicked collection of the past 4 series. just the best underground- and deep-house tunes you can imagine in one mixshow. not only for for the deephouse-headz cause it's c&m style...
new year, new mixshow, since 20 years we always start with a freshly blended mixshow for you. of course containing the hottest new funky house tunes, spiced up with jazyy and vocal-house trax u have never heard before.
we luv funky house music !

"CHill 25"
starting the year with a new chill-mixshow is a truehouse ritual, and of course we wont let you down. relaxing chillout and loungin tunes with that special c&m flow you expect to make you listen again and again without getting bored... and yes, it's magic, again. get the playlist
warm summer chillout music to prepare you for your summer experience. like always, we try to give you a timeless piece of music, to enjoy it everywhere you go. just make sure you have nice memories in mind, when you listen to it again after a while... get the playlist

you asked for it, now you have it. the first edition of our brandnew "loungin"-series. it's faster the the chill-series and slower than a house-mixshow, but it sure is always groovy. presenting the freshest and newest in refurbished disco and funk, nu disco and  laid-back housemusic.
like felix we like to cross the edge from time to time, actually we overstepped the edges from retrodisco to earlyhouse and moved on to popmusic and scraped the good old funk. riding on the groove of all these genres, but never loosing contact to the ground... the dancefloor.

guest DJ - mixes
In case you missed it live on the stream, here u have Domenicos monthly famous mixshow. as you know, this is a 3 hour musical journey thru a lot of types and genres of music... but always groovy and of course mixed and blended from a master.. you should really listen to this
back on the truehouse guestmix grid, DJ Gianni N gives us finally new music... in this one you will have very cool deep dark vocal house tunes, bouncy and dusty... very worthy a listen... and next month another new mix will follow.

all mixshows are for promotional use only. not for sale. all tracks are copyright protected by the respective owners.
playing the mix as a public perfomance is forbidden and punishable by law

all rights reserved (c) the official home of c&m productions
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